This morning proved to be another successful brick. For the non-tri folks, a brick, not to be confused with the building material used by the smartest of the three pigs, is a bike to run workout. My legs don’t feel quite as wonky after getting off the bike and I’m happy to report that the neck, back, and shoulders are not in quite as much pain. A friend moved the seat around for me and it did help a little. I think some of it is just getting used to the position. That’s what she said! Sorry, had to do it.
We have to meet up pretty early because we both have to get to our jobs. Thusly, we have to meet at 5:30 AM. I’m not sure if you all know this, but it’s really dark at 5:30 AM. In addition to it being very dark, we live in a fairly suburban area where lots of critters like to roam. Hence my disagreement with the squirrels. (They always run in front of me!) In the super duper early morning I have avoided most of the squirrels as I believe they like to sleep in, this is not the case for other critters. These critters like the darkness. At one point during our ride I see a small, furry creature running toward the road. Oh crap. Just as I see it, I hear My buddy yell “Small animal! Small animal!” As it starts to dart out we hear a car coming up from behind.

Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. Either squash the possum or get squashed by the car. Fortunately, neither happened as we slowed and the possum ran accross. He apparently doesn’t have the same agenda as those damn squirrels. I guess possums don’t really like to play chicken. Although, this one didn’t want to play possum either. Hmmmm.

Another funny thing to note about this morning was that we got dusted by another cyclist. First of all, I have a ton of lights on my back. I’m lit up like a Christmas tree so that cars can see me. Typically when a car is coming from behind we can hear it and see it’s lights. This morning I thought a car was coming due to the bright light. However, this was no car. This was a cyclist riding super fast. As he blew our doors off riding by I couldn’t help but feel bad for my buddy who later told me he was thinking exactly what I thought he was thinking. “If I were here on my own, I’d pass you buddy!”
I hope you all have a great Friday and have enjoyed my tail (punny, huh?). Have awesome weekends and git er done!