My good buddy Jess, a fellow BRA member and super quick runner, offered to help me think of some topics for this here little blog. She offered up the suggestion of discussing pre-race rituals and superstitions or lucky charms. No, not the cereal (delicious though it may be), but the question of running with a lucky charm or doing something superstitious before a race.

Thus far it looks like my pre-race ritual includes eating a South Beach High Protein Cereal Bar, taking an Imodium, and slathering on the sunscreen. Other than that I am not too exciting. The night before, I take a sleep aid and usually eat some pasta of some sort. Then I offer rum and cigars to Jobu. You know, just your run of the mill stuff.

Seriously though, I don’t have any running superstitions. I certainly wash my socks after every run and don’t really feel like the foot of a fluffy rodent will help me get a PR.

I know that a lot of pro athletes have odd little things they do before a big event (not that I am comparing myself to a pro mind you). For example Wade Boggs, MLB, was known as the “Chicken Man” because he would eat it before every game and he was obsessed with doing things at the same time every game day. Eh, that’s not too weird. But what about Moses Alou of the New York Mets’ superstition? It’s just gross. Get this, he pees on his hands through out the season. Apparently it has more to do with keeping his hands soft then with superstition but really, pee? On your own hands? Get some Jergens dude.

As it turns out there was quite a bit of research to be found on this subject. I couldn’t find anything on the elite runners and their superstitions though. So I guess I’ll just have to hear about you all. What you got weirdos?

And please don’t tell me you pee on your hands too.