I’ve been thinking about some odd things that pertain to our sport lately and well some of them just make you go hmmm…others can be explained, sort of. And most of them just make me giggle.

So here we go in list form (YAY!). As always, please add yours in the comments.

1. Why do we run 26.2 miles but park as close to the front of the grocery store as possible?

2. Why is talking about bodily functions ok amongst runners but frowned upon otherwise?

3. Why is losing a toenail due to dropping something on your foot an abomination, but losing one to running is a trophy?

4. Why do I spend over $100 on running shoes, but refuse to spend that kind of money on shoes I wear to work every day?

5. Do we really hate running in the extreme heat or cold – or do we just love to complain about it during and then brag about it later?

6. How many licks does it take to get to the center of the tootsie roll pop?

7. If you poo in a porta potty and no one is around to hear it, did it make a sound?

8. As a non-camper, how can a girl like me, pop a squat during a run and then refuse to sleep outside?

9. Are all runners as neurotic about their shoes as I am? I mean I don’t want any other shoes touching them, or even looking at them sideways. (I’ll show you black pointy toe pump!)

10. Is there such a thing as a perfect sports bra?

11. Do men talk about women while running as much as women talk about men while running?

12. Do all runners secretly love wowing folks with their awesome mileage for the week?

13. Why is a raven like a writing desk?

14. Do running moms and dads secretly hope their kids will be track stars?

15. How does Ryan Hall put on his pants? One leg at a time or does he just hop into them?

16. Is it possible to be lazy and a runner?

17. Do all runners like to say word fartlek? Heh heh heh, fartlek.

18. Has anyone ever punched someone at race for yelling, “You’re almost there!”

19. Is it really ok to fart while running or is that considered air pollution? And if it is does farting while running make you go faster?

20. Did I run out of things to blog about?