You ever have one of those days where you just have nothing to blog about? Yep. Me too. I was trying to think of something at O’dark thirty this morning while running the hills with P-Funk and it was like the wheels were turning, but the car wasn’t moving. I apologize ahead of time for this post being a little, uh, er, discombobulated.

Moving on.
As I perused Runner’s World for some inspiration I saw an ad for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon. I thought, well sh!t, I like 1/2 marathons. I like Disney (sorta). I live in Florida. Holy crap. It’s 120 bucks. I guess I am passing on that one. Sorry sports fans.

Moving on.

Sometimes when I think about race day (Feb. 28! YIKES!) I hear announcers in my head like at Nascar.

“It’s race day fans! Today, we’ve got our rookie Beth Shaw at the start and some pretty stiff competition from the old pros.”
“Yeah, Jim Bob, I don’t know if she’s got enough experience for today.”
“Well, we’ll see how she runs today. Hopefully that engine has been re-worked since her last disappointing race.”

“She better get some of that old shake ‘n bake!”

Moving on.

So while I didn’t get that promotion at work, I am not too bummed about it. Hell, I’ve only been here two months and they have put me on the fast track grooming plan. I can dig it. Besides, more responsibilities equals more stress and longer hours. I’ll stick to my get-out-of-work-on-time-to-run schedule – for now.

Moving on.

I feel the need for a haircut. Or a new tattoo. Or some shoes. Or maybe just another good run and then all of the above will not be as needed. Weird how that works isn’t it?

Moving on.

Is every runner this introspective? Sheesh. I am like the freakin’ Thinker when I run. I must get some of my best ideas while running.

Except of course, for this blog post.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!