This post is a little bit of a mash up of topics. It seems I have a lot to tell you all and it’s not really working into a general theme. Oh well. Here’s hoping you don’t die from boredom.

First off, my 10 miler went pretty well on Saturday morning. My ankle was feeling a bit wonky all week so I decided to test out some sample KT Tape. Have any of you used this tape before? It was my first try and to be quite honest, it helped a lot! I was pleasantly surprised. They haven’t sent me any, nor am I doing this as a formal review, but I really like the stuff. I like that they tell you how to use it and that it is stretchy like an ace bandage, but thin enough to fit in your shoe. Plus, you look almost as cool as those US Olympic Volleyball players! Click here to see about it yourself.

Secondly, Go Gators! Fun times. Too many beers and fried carby goodness.

Thirdly. Hm. Is thirdly a word? Off to google. Please hold.

Ok, apparently it is, but it sounds weird.

Where was I? Oh, in the third place, I received my award from the Halloween Halfathon in the mail. It’s a cute plaque with my name and it says: Best Beauty Costume. Who would have thought I could win a beauty award sweating my a$$ off in a half marathon? I love it.

Lastly, I too went on a trail run today. Unknowingly, the Redhead and I both set out to hit the trails today. According to her posts on a “social networking” site, she loved it. I on the other hand, am still not impressed. I don’t know why I don’t love the trails. I just don’t. There was more sand/dirt on our trail than I imagined and it was a tad harder than expected. I thought the trails were supposed to be easier? All I know is, by mile 3, I was sprinting to finish. I will give the trails another try soon. Maybe it was all the damn beer from last night’s game….

Hope you all had great weekends. I am off to watch Animation Domination! Gotta love some Family Guy!