This is a test of the Emergency Wonkcast System. If this had been an actual emergency the attention signal you just heard would have been followed by official information and B.o.B. screaming and crying like a four-year-old. This station serves the and surrounding B.o.B. areas. This concludes this test of the Emergency Wonkcast System.

Ahem. So now that we are past all that I guess I should fill you folks in on what’s going on with the Old Wonky. In case anyone still doesn’t know about Old Wonky (you been under a rock?) it’s my weird ankle/foot injury. I previously went to a podiatrist and got some shots but he basically said I needed orthos to get right. I, of course, felt better and kept running sans getting the orthos. Those things are expensive, even with insurance.
Anywho, I have been running fine, for the most part. There has been a twinge here and there and I’ve been icing and anti-inflaming like a mo’ fo’. But alas, this past week I got a wee bit over zealous in my training. Bad B.o.B.!
No cause for major alarm at this point though because I made it through my 18 miler with out major pain or needing to walk. I feel an awareness of Old Wonky today and decided to ride the bike with my gals while they ran. I’m also planning to take tomorrow off.
At this point in time we are on a level 5 of 10. Level 5 means Old Wonky is there and I cannot piss him off. Thus, I’ll take it easy this week and no more crazy MLRs (medium long runs). I ran my MLR on Wednesday at a faster pace than I should have AND I ran it on a route with hills. Yes, I am a dumbass.
Other than Wonky watch it’s been a nice, relaxing weekend. Of course I am bummed that the Gators lost, but hey, can’t win ’em all. I respect the game that Alabama played and they were just a better team. For now.
I’m happy to report that my sister and her hubby ran the Epcot Food & Wine Half and did really well. I think it even inspired them to run the local half, which is totally awesome. I’m still waiting to hear about Coach EK and Speedy Jess as these two crazies ran their first ULTRA. And one other person I’m waiting on is my new running bud Kim. She ran the Wine Glass Marathon in NY. So many races this weekend!
If you ran one a race or just ran for fun, I hope it was great!
Ta ta.