Happy Friday! It’s been a super quick week and I’m so looking forward to my weekend. I’m heading to O-town for some schmoop aaaaaand I get to see my Boo, Redhead. Yay!

I plan on getting in my ten mile run tomorrow morning, as per usual, and then getting in a swim on Sunday. I may work in a bike somewhere, but well, I still hate the bike. Is it possible that I have the weakest quads in America? I never feel them when I run and then when I bike it’s like this muscle magically appears that has been lying dormant for 30 25 years.

I’ve got major tri on the brain and am still figuring out how to get better on the bike. Navy Steve let me know that it just takes time. Well, I guess it was the same with running. It just takes some time. But when? When!? When!? When!? Patience, apparently, is not my virtue.

In any event, I have a friend who is loaning me her road bike, thank the lord, because my fat tire having Schwinn just ain’t gonna cut it. I’ve been riding it slowly around my neighborhood and such and the smallest hills are just kicking my butt. Navy Steve also told me I probably need to switch to a lower gear on the hills. Gears? Does my bike even have gears? Oops.

I’ve been riding with some padded shorts that are probably great preperation for when I start wearing depends. So there’s one bike bonus! Gotta look on the brightside I guess. Anyway, I have been killing my shoulders due to my kung fu grip whilst on the bike for fear of falling and scraping my face. What? It’s my money maker, I can’t ruin it. I’ll need to ease up on the handle bars or my hands are going to turn mannish due to their increased strength.

Swimming continues to go swimmingly. I’m not worried about it too much. Except for the whole oily water-sharks-may-eat-you thing, it should be fine. Right? RIGHT!?!?

I’ve got a little over a month until the Top Gun Tri and I’m getting nervous. Well… nervouser. You get my point. Any and all tri tips will be accepted and appreciated.

Before you go, I must direct you to this awesome cartoon short from one of my favorite websites: Homestarrunner.com. Click here for the cartoon. Enjoy and TGIF!