I feel like I blinked my eyes this week and it was Thursday. It’s been a crazy week at work and at home and I’m ready for a bit of R&R. My schedule last weekend sort of spilled over into this week and I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. I see the light at the end of the tunnel though so this weekend will be more even and not so jam packed. Whew!
Since I didn’t really plan out a post and have a writer’s block thing going on, Three Things Thursday is here to save the day!
1. I’m going to run ten miles on Saturday. I haven’t run ten miles since the Jacksonville Marathon and it’s high time I get my long runs back in gear. I’m going to take this run as easy as possible and enjoy the time with my girlfriends. I need a nice, long, chatty, run. It soothes my soul.
2. It’s BethMonth! That’s right, it’s my birthday month and I am lining up celebrations. I just love birthdays. Especially mine. I wonder if I’ll feel this way when I turn 90? I’ll be grabbing my besties and hitting up the shuffleboard clubs. All while wearing sequins, natch.
3. I’m learning that certain shoes bug my heels when I’m not running. I have one pair of flats in particular that make my heels very angry. I’m going to skip wearing those babies for a bit and see how it goes. In general though, my heels are feeling better and I’m not cringing in the morning when I wake up. I’ve been doing some PT exercises before and after my runs so I’m sure that’s helping a ton. Thanks PT Steph!
And since that’s all I got, here’s my favorite singing goat video.