Happy Thursday homies! I’d like to say good luck to alllllllllll the peeps running at Walt Disney World over the next few days. My social media has blown up with the Mouse and I love seeing all the photos! Keep ’em coming. Now on to the three!
1. Drainer Rides. I’ve ridden the trainer twice this week. This is HUGE because I haven’t been on a trainer since 2012. I’m not kidding. Fortunately, I’ve started watching Downton Abbey and it helps pass the time. I love the subtle bitchiness! Those Brits know how to criticize using Greek mythology. I have made it for an hour as my longest “ride” thus far. Here’s hoping I can keep up this trainer streak well into the year.
2. A step toward strength training. In my efforts to find some sort of strength training, I reached out to some personal trainers, found a pretty inexpensive boot camp, and actually tried a circuit class at 9 Round (holy eff I’m sore!). I’m not sure which I’ll end up sticking too but at least it’s a start.
3. #Raceshirtaday continues! The Race Shirt-A-Day Challenge for January has been super fun so far! Please feel free to join us on Instagram and wear those race shirts that are all sad and lonely in your shirt drawer. I’m @Discombobruns on IG. Make sure to use #raceshirtaday so we can stalk see each other!
Have a great Thursday friends!