Since I have a 70.3 on Sunday, I’m going to make this a special TTT with three goals I’m setting. This will be my 3rd 70.3 and I learned a lot at my last one. This race is more of a training day and I’m not out to crush it since I’m not really tapering and it was a last minute addition to this year’s calendar. Of course, that being said, I will do my best but try not to blow myself up.
Goal #1
HAVE FUN. I want to enjoy this race and really pay attention to my surroundings. I’ve never gotten to race on a race track so I think that will be pretty cool! And I want to remind myself to just let the day unfold and go with it. I am going to use this as practice for my ironman, in that I want to really enjoy that day as well. Races seem to be over in the blink of an eye and I sometimes forget to look around.

Goal #2
Break 3:10 on the bike. Ok, I know this can be done while also achieving Goal #1. I hit a 3:13 at Augusta 70.3 and a 3:16 at Hits (which was four miles long!) so I think this is pretty do-able. I’d be really happy with a 3:05, but I think a 3:10 will suffice.

Goal #3

No weird panicking on the swim. This whole panicking during the swim thing is new to me. At Hits I got nervous with a massive start and freaked. I stopped, treaded some water, and then got going again. It probably lost me a minute. Then, at St. Anthony’s, the water was so rough, I stopped several times to sight and catch my breath and calm myself down. I’m not sure where this new found anxiety has come from but it’s slowing me down and both times I’ve regretted stopping. I am a strong swimmer and I need to remember that. My head keeps getting in the way and I need to stop over thinking and just freakin’ swim.

Have a great Thursday everyone!