Happy Thursday buddies! This week has not been going so fast and I’m so ready for the weekend! As a reminder, my giveaway for the sweet Disney Dopey Distance pendant is still going on. Be sure to enter HERE. Now on to the three things!
1. My Frogman 5K swim is THIS weekend! I am quite annoyed with Mother Nature because she basically switched my marathon weather with my Frogman weather. It’s going to be chilly on Sunday. Thank God for wetsuits. While I know I can finish, I don’t think I’m in as good swimming shape as I’d like to be. I blame the marathon for that. Fortunately, this isn’t a race and it’s for a great cause so I’m just happy I can get out there and swim with behind Olympic phenom Brooke Bennett and up and coming National team swimmer Becca Mann. The race starts in waves and I’ll get to start with my coach, Navy Steve. I’m pumped to swim with him, even though he is going to beat me…
Swim Course.
2. I ran today! I haven’t run since the marathon on December 29th. Mostly, I was taking a break because my heels needed it, however, I did enjoy just not running. I ran three miles this morning and it was nice and brisk outside. It felt good to get out and enjoy a quick, little run.
3. Speaking of running, did you all see that Chicago Marathon is now switching to a lottery and qualification by race time? It’s true. And it makes me a little sad because Chicago was on my list. I imagine I’ll still enter the lottery or try to qualify at some point to run it. I suppose the big picture is that it will eliminate all those crazy registration issues folks had and it shows that our running community just keeps on growing. That’s gotta be a good thing. Thoughts?
Have a great day peeps!