I’m going to offer all of you fair warning about this post. The first portion can be deemed unisex while the second portion is for the fairer sex. I’ll let you dudes know when we get there so you can avert your eyes. Seriously, if you are squeamish about the lady bidness, then look away. And don’t complain about not being warned. I’ll even give you a link to go look at instead. Ok? Here we go.

My legs are tired. I am realizing now that I jumped up in mileage a lot more quickly than I have in the past and am just feeling fatigued. This morning on my little five miler it took them about two miles to warm up. Those crazy people that run three miles before a 5K are starting look a bit more sane to me actually.

I got some compression socks (sexy, sexy) and have planned an ice bath after tomorrow’s medium long run. I may have to nix the two miler I have scheduled with my sis this Friday (Sorry E!) cause I have a 20 miler slated for Saturday.

I’m trying to remember if my legs felt this tired during the last marathon cycle but I can’t. I guess I better check the blog history to see what I was saying during that time. I’m hoping it’s just because I hit forty miles last week and that’s where it’s stemming from.

Fairer Sex (Dudes, go here)

Ok, so normally I don’t complain about the monthly visit. But this month I screwed up the BC and have had every single freakin’ symptom a girl can have. I’ve felt bloated, tired, weepy, and had headaches and backaches. Don’t even get me started on the CRAMPS. Kill me now.

Unlike the elite runners who don’t get the ol’ visit anymore cause they have no body fat, my frenemy is here every month punching me in the baby maker. The odd thing though is that prior to the run I feel like poo, then during the run I’m ok, then after the run it’s back to poo. I thought running was supposed to lessen the symptoms?

If it’s possible to O.D. on Midol, I’m strongly in the running (no pun intended) for it. I just felt the need to share this with the ladies because quite honestly, we deserve a little bit of respect for getting out there and running, and working out, and going to work, and all of the above all while in pain. In our fat pants. Eating chocolate.

Of course we’ve all been dealing with it since puberty but it still just plain sucks. The alternatives (for me at least) of being preggers or hot flashin’ don’t sound much better so I’ll try to accept it for what purpose it serves. (It still sucks though.)

I’m sure some of you are those “I don’t get the cramps” ladies and basically I am so jealous of you. Just be thankful you don’t.

And if any dudes made it to the end of this post, I warned you.