This morning I headed out for my four miler Han Solo. That means alone. The rest of my group was running Gangster Hills (GH) and well, the GH aren’t ready for another show down just yet.

Yup, I’m yeller.

GH is where Old Wonky hangs out and I’m not ready for a re-match. I’d rather get the MCM and be slow then get there and be hurt. Know what I’m sayin’?

Anyway, I decided I’d hit the road all by my lonesome and having not run alone in quite some time I forgot how delightful it can be. Of course, I love my BRA friends and feel safer with a group, but the run by oneself can be nice every now and again.

And so I am now obligated to write a list. Yay Lists! Without further ado, the Top 10 Reasons for Running Alone *queue Paul Shaffer drum roll*

10. You tend to run faster from not jabber jawing the entire run.

9. You can tell bad jokes and not fear the silence, since you can laugh your fool head off. *Sigh* Yes, I laugh at my own jokes. Don’t judge me.

8. If you gotta stop for #1, #2 or #3 (the combo of #1 & #2), you don’t feel bad about making someone else stop.

7. Pace schmace. Run however the heck you feel!

6. No awkward silence.

5. Singing along to an iPod is acceptable since you are alone and won’t make someone else’s ears bleed. (Wait. Is this just me?)

4. You can stare at roadkill as long as you want and no one is around to think you are weird. (Just me again, huh?)

3. You can go all deep thoughts and ish. Like today I was totally thinking about life and how awesome it would be to get new black heels. And maybe a kitten. Oh and how I should have a Halloween party.

2. You notice your surroundings and nature a bit more and that’s always nice.

1. Fart away! No one can hear you!

Seriously though, I really enjoyed my little four miler. I ran it at almost a tempo pace and felt great when I finished. I don’t want to do 10 milers alone, but four or five I can see me doing again sometime soon.

I hope you all had lovely holiday weekends! I got to see my Boo Bear (the Redhead) and hopefully she’ll send me some dang pics soon cause the ones I took are turds.

Ta ta beeches.