I know a bunch of you out there are solo runners. I for one, don’t love to run alone. While I admit, sometimes the solitary run is useful to just think and breath and be, the run with friends is where my heart is. I absolutely love my time spent with my running friends. That being said, I have come up with a list of reasons why it’s super amazing awesome to run with friends. (I also love a list so… BONUS!)

The top ten reasons to run with friends:

10. If you are dog tired, chances are, they are too and won’t mind if you ease up on the pace a little. Especially during a loooooong run.

9. When you absolutely have to go #1 or #2 or even the dreaded #3 (that’s 1 + 2), your running friend will make sure the coast is clear. “Keep it moving people. Nothing to see here.”

8. Running friends tell great stories to get you through the run quicker. For example: P-Funk told me how her grandmother nearly escaped major injury when a super strong gust of wind came along while she was headed inside. Thankfully, her grandmother’s giant statue of St. Francis of Assisi was there for her to grab a hold of or she would have been a goner. St. Francis of Assisi: Patron Saint of Italy and little old ladies everywhere.

7. Because your running buddy is there to say hello, you only have to say hello to every other person you see.

6. If you run out of Gu, e-Caps, or wet naps, your running bud will have extras for you.

5. Your running friend(s) will gladly announce any dog, horse, cat, bird, or squirrel poop they see in your path so that you don’t squish through it.

4. If your Garmin or stop watch goes on the fritz, you can use your running buddy’s. And it’s a total bonus if they run a wee bit faster than you, you can use their times in your spreadsheet!

3. During the run you can swap stories about which toe/blister/muscle is hurting the most. Remember kids, misery loves company!

2. If another runner or cyclist speeds past you and your running bud, you all can cuss them out (under your breath, of course) together.

1. After your run you always have someone to fist bump. After all, you’d look pretty silly doing that by yourself.

Happy Monday kids! Make it a great day.