Happy Hump Day folks! I’m totally amped because I’m hitting the track tonight. I haven’t been on an actual track in a while and even though I know it’s going to hurt, I’m completely looking forward to the ass kicking.

Before I moved I was running my 800’s on a parkway with quarter mile markers and it was lovely. However, since I moved it’s a tad bit too far to travel before or after work. If I did suck it up and travel it would mean leaving the Lloydster by himself for far too long at home. I know he’d be fine because he would just pee on my new furniture but I’d rather not have him “christen” it just yet.

The past couple of weeks I had a Turkey Trot to use as speed work and I attempted some 800’s on Bayshore using my Garmin but it wasn’t the same as the good old track.

So today I will embark upon the local college track and join a different running group for these lung busting sessions. It’s sort of like a first date. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. Will I be the slowest? Will I vomit? Will Derek Jeter show up?

I want to make a good impression and not be a turtle but at the same time I love a running group that pushes me. Hell, if it weren’t for the BRA speed demons I wouldn’t be the runner I am today.

Wish me luck and speed. Or at least someone to hold my hair back.