As you all know I was super stoked going into the weekend for BAMF Training Camp 2012 (AKA Traincation).
Official water bottle of BAMF Training Camp 2012
My two favorite gals from Geogria, Summer & Karen, were heading down to hang out at the beach with me & my favorite BAMF, KC. KC found us an awesome hotel with a kitchen on the lovely St. Pete Beach. Our plan was to swim, bike, run and relax. In addition to all of that, I don’t think I’ve laughed as much in a long time. As KC said, it was a great ab workout too.
On Thursday, we all met up at the hotel and ate a late lunch prior to the first OWS of the weekend. There was much talk of sharks but the Florida girls assure the Georgia girls that sharks were more prevelant on the other coast. Riiiiiight.
Before we got all tanned.

The gun show.

Friday was our big training day. We headed over to Ft de Soto to ride, swim, and run. Ft de Soto was a better option than St Pete Beach due to lower traffic levels and only about a fifteen minute drive away. I invited a few friends who also happened to have the day off.

Me, Pete, Nick, Fallon (first ever brick! yay!), Karen, KC, and Summer
The Georgia girls post ride and run. It was toasty out there!
As we prepared for our second OWS everyone was ready to jump in the water because it was a super warm day. Summer and I discussed how hot were were on our four mile run and everyone was ready to cool off with a swim. Karen and KC got in a mile swim while Summer, Pete, and I stayed back to help Fallon with her freestyle. She did great for her first time in the open water!
When everyone was back together relaxing in the ocean we all heard a huge splash not too far from behind us. I turned just in time to see the end of it. As I turned back I’m fairly sure that Karen was already almost back to shore. It was hilarious. But as it turned out, the lifeguards threw up the purple flag which means “hazardous marine life.” Everyone hightailed it out of the water at that point. I heard the lifeguards say it was a shark going after a tarpon. Yikes! Needless to say, we were all done with the water after that.
Friday evening meant dinner, a little walk along Gulf Boulevard and even more laughs.

Nerds rope rules.

Dollar store fun.

Gotta love the putt putt attractions.

KC got some tats.
On Saturday AM we all got up early to get in our respective runs. Summer helped me get through eight miles which was exactly what I needed after last week’s disaster run. I finally felt good and am getting some confidence back in that area. Always nice to have a friend along for the duration, even if we did find a bridge to run over four times.
I was sad for traincation to end but had such an awesome time with these ladies. I highly recommend a traincation! I’m pretty certain KC & I will be heading up to Georgia next year for the 2013 edition. Can’t wait!

Happy Monday peeps! Guess what? Today is the first day of my new job! Squeeeeee! Ever been on a traincation? How was your weekend?