So since I’m currently in heavy tri training mode for that little 70.3 race I’ve got coming up I have to go ahead and throw it out there that this is currently a tri blog. I still love the marathon and running and will turn my focus to that again in the fall but need to warn all my running buds that for the time being these posts are going to be tri heavy. Apologies in advance if you could give a rat’s butt about swimming and biking. 
I began last week thinking of it as my first official week of Augusta training. It did not disappoint. I’m sore and tired and can’t wait to keep at it. I swam, ran, and biked and I even got in two yoga classes to keep up the stretching. Go me. 
Saturday and Sunday were big training days for me and I’m happy with how they went but I learned a few lessons and can see where I need to shift some of my focus. 
On Saturday me and my training buds headed to Lido Beach (gorgeous day!) for a little mini-tri action. We switched up the order since it’s so freaking hot. Our ride was about 22 miles and it got fairly windy on the way back. I hate wind more than anything. At least with hills you can see the top and then you get to go down. With wind, it never seems to end. To that I say SUCK IT WIND. 
After the ride I wanted to run three miles but cut it short at about two and a quarter because I got back to my car at that point and my leg was talking to me. Maybe. Or maybe I was just hot and tired. Ha! Either way it was a nice little brick. Then we swam about 800 yards. Here is opportunity number one. 
OWS tips por favor peeps! I feel like a decent pool swimmer. I swam in high school and don’t have any mental issues with the swim. I can comfortably swim 2500 yards at this point. However, I don’t feel that this is translating so well in the open water. I feel like I should be faster in the open water than I have been. I am probably going out too hard and I’m absolutely terrible at sighting. I almost wound up in Cuba on Saturday. I swear! 
On Sunday my group headed out to a trail to get in sixty miles. Mind you this is only the second time I’ve ridden that far so it’s still pretty cool to me that I can even ride this far! Please click here to see the first time I got back on a bike. With a shark horn. 
Anywho, as our usual group had a few additional folks riding with us the pace got nuts for the first ten miles. We usually start the ride chatty and comfortable but the new folks apparently don’t ride that way. Yes, I’m talking to you Navy Steve and Little J. At this point, I was already moderately tired from the day before and knew this ride was going to be tough. I felt fine pushing the pace for a while but started to get tired by mile thirty. I was so happy to turn that bike around! 
I had vowed to stay hydrated. I was not going to get one of my infamous post ride dehydration headaches. So I tried to drink Nuun-water as much as I could. I also ate everything I brought with me. A packet of chewie things (random brand Lazy Runner gave me), a half of a packet of Powerbar blasts, and two gels. This was not enough. At mile 40 I felt like death. This is opportunity number two. 
I must take in more fuel. And earlier. I’m going to also add some calories in my beverage. The Nuun alone isn’t going to cut it. Sad face. I love the Nuun but need more calories. The problem I had, in addition to just not having enough fuel with me, was that when I ride in a group with stronger riders, I don’t want to take the time to eat for fear that I’ll get dropped. Moving forward, I’ll eat and get dropped if it means not feeling like ass before the end of the ride. 
Too tired to take off helmet. Not tired enough to sit on gravel without a towel. 
Overall I’m happy with where my training currently sits but I’ve got a lot of work to do in the next two and a half months. This half ironman business is no joke.

How was your weekend? Get any training in?