I’m reporting back on my nutrition change since I posted my plan on Monday. Go read it so you know what the heck is going on…
Now…here’s what’s going on.
I began this no carb quest on Sunday. I swam on Monday, pretty hard actually, and had no issues. Then on Tuesday, I had the brilliant idea of doing my AM 30 minute shake out run before my hour long strength training session. I stupidly didn’t eat and was planning on eating some almonds after the run but didn’t. Big. Mistake. During strength I got so light headed and weak that I felt like I was going to pass out. I had to stop and go sit down while the gym owner grabbed me some OJ. I tried to only have a few sips because I was determined to not undo everything I had done the past 48 hours. It was embarrassing and I’m blaming this mostly on not eating but it’s obviously a side effect of low sugar. And being a dumb ass. 
In discussing this plan with Coach Jon after my epic strength training fail, (who I didn’t really tell about my plan to begin with…BAD COACHEE!), he asked when I had done this prior was I a triathlete? Uh….no. I wasn’t. I was out of shape and worked out for about an hour and definitely not with the same intensity.
Ok, so that’s strike one against the new eating plan.
But, ya’ll know I’m stubborn right?
I continued with the plan through yesterday and this morning I had an hour long treadmill hill run scheduled. I woke up to meet Stephanie and ate half of a Kind bar. In my brain, I’ve been able to do this run without any fuel before in the morning, so I figured at least some fuel would be good enough this time.
About 20 minutes in, I felt like poo again. I asked Stephanie for some fuel. We went to her apartment from her complex gym and grabbed some Skratch Fruit Drops, which are basically sugar/carb chews. I had about five and continued to run for another 25 minutes, but not as hard as I would have liked.
Now, I will say that I am sore from what I did do at strength yesterday AND this was a tough treadmill hill session. It’s probably one of the toughest I’ve been scheduled. But, I do feel it was more carb/sugar depletion than being sore.
Ok, so that’s strike two against the new eating plan.
But, ya’ll know I’m stubborn right?
I’m trying one more day like this, tomorrow, and will see if there is any change. I have a strength session scheduled for in the morning (maybe I should eat eggs before hand?) and an evening 45 minute run. If I can’t make it through those, it’s time to make some tweaks.
I think if I don’t bonk during my workouts tomorrow two weeks will be a breeze. However, my training runs are super important to my goals so I cannot ignore that. I must be able to get through them. I have a challenging long run on Sunday and I absolutely do not want to have to cut it short.

On the plus side, I haven’t eaten any junk or processed carbs since Saturday. I don’t feel like I’m craving them either. I think if I do have to add in more carbs, I’ll stick with the good ones. I’d like to stay off the sugary baked goods and processed junk foods for as long as I can. So, still no Cheez-Its for me.

I REALLY appreciate all of the encouragement and awesome comments regarding this. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And, as I said before, I’m being a guinea pig on this. I’ll post another update on Friday. TTYL.