As a friendly reminder that everything isn’t always sunshine and Ironman races, Life has decided that I needed some lemons and that’s ok. It’s a good way to remind myself that lemons happen and I can and will get through whatever is thrown my way. Without being a total “vague-blogger” I will say that my job is a bit shaky right now, but I still have a job and that’s what is most important.
I had a really great run this morning and I am reminded how much running soothes my soul and let’s me think and release stress. The therapy cliché is very accurate for me. It always has been. I’m much happier when I run, well, mostly after I run, but I feel really lucky and fortunate that I CAN run. It’s given me a lot and I suppose since it’s the month of thankfulness, I’m feeling extra mushy about it. Me + running = 4 ever.
I’m really looking forward to Rock N Roll Las Vegas next weekend, even if I’m not really sure how I’m going to get through 13.1 miles. I have an eleven mile run planned for Sunday so that’ll help. I’d like to run a sub 2 but I may just squeak by on that. I am running dressed as Elvis so who knows how many times I’ll have to stop to sing for adoring fans.
This weekend calls for a little bit of 5K stroller jogging (I’m pushing Keara’s baby so she can race), a little bit of race volunteering, and a lot of Lloyd and S.O. snuggle time. What can I say? I’m into giving back this month. Haha.
I hope you all have great weekends. Take some time to snuggle your own families and relish in what you can do.
*Super Sappy B.o.B. OUT.*