1. I did a body pump class Monday morning and I think I am more sore today than I was after Augusta. (My attempt at mixing in weights. Blech.)

2. I take Lloyd out to pee as soon as I get home and I usually do the pee pee dance while he finds every shrub and bush in the neighborhood.

3. On my morning runs I get to about two and half miles before I have to use the potty. I’ve started stopping at the nearby hospital to use their facilities. Can’t get much more sterile than that right? (Or diseased, depending on how you see it.)

4. I’ve become addicted to Bailey’s Coffee Creamer. Almost as good as the real thing.

5. Every time I use Facetime I turn into a ten-year-old and make crazy faces into the camera just to see them. (Sorry Red & Spike! I can’t help it.)

6. Last week’s slothing was awesome but I did miss a good butt kicking workout. I needed the rest but I am so happy to be working out again.

7. I practiced on the diving blocks this morning for my upcoming swim meet and only lost my goggles 95 times.

8. Speaking of swimming, the college men’s team showed up as the master’s group was leaving. Holy God swimmers are hot. Hubba hubba!

9. Sometimes in Bikram when we do the final breathing exercises I can’t look at myself in the mirror because I want to laugh so badly. It’s seriously ridiculous looking.

10. And speaking of Bikram, I thought about getting certified to teach it. It costs $3900. I’ll have to pass on that certification. Maybe I can just read a book or something?

11. I can’t stand Rhianna. She just irks me. Not that she cares but damn if they don’t play her songs one million times a day.

12. On the other hand I really enjoy Pink. I’d pick her on my team for a bar fight.

13. I have zero desire to do a half IM or a full IM in Florida. I’m just not into the courses and heat.

14. I’m going to spectate the Miami half IM and may be more excited about making posters than watching the race itself.