1. I have been super forgetful lately. I completely forgot about my sushi date with KC and her hubs on Saturday. I wound up being 30 minutes late. Thank the lord KC and her hubs were gracious enough to wait and make fun of me about being a ra-tard.

2. I drove a lot over the speed limit on the way to that sushi date.

3. I am putting on a brave face about Hampton, but it’s made me a little grumpy.

4. Due to the aforementioned grumpiness I had some Hostess Crumb Donettes at lunch yesterday.

5. That coke I was saving up for after my race this weekend didn’t happen. Since I’m not racing, I enjoyed that coke on Easter.

6. I’m looking forward to volunteering this weekend but only because I get to marker up hot tri dudes. Heh.

7. PT is making me go broke.

8. Even though I’m getting stronger on the bike, I’m super nervous about riding over fifty miles.

9. My regular Physical Therapist was out today so I saw the cute guy PT. I kept giggling when he was massaging my leg. Partly because it hurt but mostly because he’s cute. Heh.

10. I’m becoming obsessed with water bottles. I may start collecting them. Can someone find me one with a unicorn please?

11. Fine. I like unicorns.

12. Lloyd really, really, really needs a bath.

13. I had to get out of the pool in the middle of my workout this morning to go to the bathroom. I think that’s a first ever. And I don’t mean to go number one either…

14. I started shaking 5 reps into one leg bridges. My hammy needs some strengthening for sure.

15. If a doctor told me I had to eat worms in order to heal my leg faster I’d do it.

16. My current hot pink nail polish color has gotten so many compliments I don’t think I can top it at my next go round. Decisions, decisions.