Truth: I ate toast with peanut butter and honey last night for dessert.

Truth: I am officially obsessed with training swimsuits from Dolfin Uglies. (I got that plaid one the model is wearing.)

Truth: I’ve been watching Ice Loves Coco and I can’t stop.

Truth: I kind of love swimming and spinning all week.

Truth: This video is so hilarious to me. Thanks Harold!

Truth: I had to use the bathroom THREE times on my way to the ride on Saturday. Stupid bicycling nerves.

Truth: I told my sister on Friday that her baby wanted a Kitkat so I ate one for him.

Truth: My S2S relay team is letting me cut one of my running legs. Now I’ll run three times instead of four.

Truth: I’m sucking hard core in my March Madness brackets. Boo.

Truth: I didn’t pick Missouri going to the Final Four so at least I’ve got that going for me.

Truth: I now wake up at least 15 minutes before my alarm goes off before a 5:30 AM workout. WTH?

Truth: I REALLY want a Coca-Cola. I’m not sure if I can make it to the April 14th triathlon.

Truth: I’m relieved to find out that Liam Hemsworth is 22. It makes me feel slightly less like a perv based on the crush I have on him.

Truth: The fact that I find anyone attractive who was born in 1990 makes me feel so old. And yes, a little pervy.

Truth: I’m way over do for new running shoes. I’m usually much better at keeping on top of getting new ones.

Truth: I could not be more excited about The Hunger Games movie on Friday. I’m even going to a fancy theater that serves food!