1. I got my car detailed and the detailer told me my seats were basically a lost cause. Last time I buy a car with tan fabric interior.

2. I’m on some sort of weird cleaning kick. I want to clean everything. If I had a steam cleaner for my carpets I’d take the day off just to clean them.

3. Lloyd pee’d on a pair of my work shoes the other day. He’s getting older and doing strange things. At least it wasn’t my running shoes.

4. I cannot decide on my next 70.3. I don’t really want to do Augusta again but I also don’t want to transport my bike. That ish is expensive!

5. My Ragnar Keys team name is Running Down Our Leg. Snort.

6. I am runner number four and the 11.8 mile leg looks like a PITA. It’s over a long bridge with no van support.

7. I like to sleep with it as cold as possible. The SO says I’m like a heater that could warm a small city.

8. If it’s too warm while I sleep, I wake up sweating and pissed.

9. I don’t like to have my sleep interrupted.

10. I have exactly two Christmas decorations up. I am counting the big Christmas tree at my office as my Christmas tree.

11. Kat and I keep texting each other quotes from the movie Elf.

12. Today, I sent her, “What about this: a tribe of asparagus children, but they’re self-conscious about the way their pee smells.”

13. I only allow myself to wear a ponytail to work one day per week. I don’t like it up and if it’s up it’s either because I’m running or being lazy.

14.  My phone scared the hell outta me last night. There was a tornado warning and apparently my smart phone wanted to let me know by making a crazy loud beeping noise.

15. This morning was the first time I’ve ever cut open a pomegranate. I now know why pom juice is so expensive and I also found out that pom juice can stain clothing.

16. I work with a college kid who lets me edit his Comp I papers. I love doing it. He got a 95 on his research paper…he did that one all by himself. Tear.

17. I’ve been all domestic lately (see number 2) and I’ve found that my favorite recipes are from The Pioneer Woman.

18. I’m secretly fascinated by Ice T and Coco. I can’t help myself.

19. I missed a day of the December Challenge. I’m not proud of it. How are you doing with it?

20. I hate ending lists on odd numbers and this was all I could come up with for number 20.