Other than the arrival of McBaby on Saturday my weekend from Friday to Saturday mostly consisted of waiting around. I didn’t get to workout on either day because I was afraid that I’d get all sweaty right as I got the call to get to the hospital. I didn’t want to meet him for the first time all sweaty. However, he may have to get used to his Auntie B being sweaty a lot. Thank goodness little boys tend to enjoy running around and being gross! 
The good news on the not working out front is that it gave my leg a full two week break save that one spin class and one morning Crossboot session. Apparently my nephew knew I needed more rest. Of course, this didn’t stop me from shopping to kill time. I wound up buying a new pair of running shoes. 

I got these bad boys because they were having a Pearl Izumi day at my local running store. And with the purchase the PI rep threw in a t-shirt and water bottle. Score! I also bought some new perfume and spent entirely too much time in Sephora, but that’s a whole other blog. 
Yes, I bought running shoes with a running injury. But, I desperately needed a new pair and I have high hopes that I’ll be running very, very soon. 
On Sunday I had the chance to meet up with a slew of local area lady bloggers. I was super excited to head to St. Petersburg with Jess (Cuban Running Crisis). We headed over to downtown St. Pete and went to a cute tea shop called The Hooker Tea Company. I wondered if anyone else thought about the fact that a bunch of ladies were heading to a place named hooker, but I kept that one to myself. 

Since one of the other ladies managed to tag everyone and link up I figure I’ll do the same, against my better lazy judgement. Heh. Back Row Left to Right: ME, Diana, Steph, Jules, Rachel (who did all of this leg work. Thanks girl!), Caroline, Nanci. Front Row Left to Right: Jess, Xiomara, Meghann, and Beka.  
After our fun meet up, I headed to a free outdoor yoga in downtown Tampa. It was really pretty outside so that made me happy, even though I wasn’t feeling the yoga. I just have to be really into it and quite frankly, for some reason on Sunday, I just wasn’t. I went through the poses but felt that I’d rather be doing a cardio activity. No surprise there. 
Thus, yesterday, I decided I HAD to swim. I couldn’t go in the morning since I am helping walk my sister’s dogs so it had to be after work. I asked these two chicks to send me texts to ensure I didn’t go home and plop down on the couch. They did. And I didn’t. 
My swim was glorious and just what I needed. I didn’t want to push it as Hampton is still on the mend so I opted for a 30 minute swim of 1,500 yards and smiled the entire time. I did about 600 yards of pulling and just took it easy with the rest. I’m happy that my leg didn’t hurt at all and is only the slighest bit sore today. I’ve turned the corner on this injury but I know I’m not out of the woods just yet. 
When did you know your injury was gone? Were you nervous to start moving again?