My race calendar sure did just fill up quickly. I have quite a few fun things lined up before my marathon. I’ve decided to throw a half marathon into my training plan but as part of a long run. I like doing this because it makes the long run go by faster. I’ll be doing the Blue Moon Half Marathon on November 3rd as part of a 20 mile run. Since that will be my first 20 of this training cycle I plan to take it easy peasy. And get a sweet medal as a reward. Bonus!
I’ve also decided to do both the 5K and 10K for the Turkey Trot. That will be my speed for the week. I want to race the 5K as a gauge of where my fitness is and then try to run the 10K at marathon pace. I think a lot of my Jacksonville goal will depend on how these races go. I’ve been watching my times drop during training runs but I don’t want to over shoot my goal and blow up at the marathon. I want to have a good time at Jacksonville in both the clock sense and the way I feel sense. Make sense? Heh.
After those races I am signed up for the Mt. Dora Half Marathon on December 15th. This will also be a half marathon as a portion of a long run. I’m slated for my final long run (18 miles) that weekend and it’ll be nice to run in a different city…and get another sweet medal. I highly recommend throwing in some races like this because they make the long runs so much more enjoyable. And you get to look at people running with you and think, “Yeah, buddy, I’m going slow, but I’m running more than you!” Don’t act like you don’t do that when someone passes you.
This week is a step down week for me and I get to run “only” 16. The weather has been great so I’m hopeful this is another great run, well, without all the falling and whatnot. I’m also signed up for the University of Tampa Master’s Swim Meet again that’s being held on Saturday. I’ll do my long run and then go get smoked by former college swimmers. I am thinking I’ll just do the 500 but maybe I’ll throw in the 200 too. I need the yardage for the Frogman. I’m not swimming as strong as I was this time last year but it’s always nice to support the college and my buddies who coach/swim there.
I’m pretty stoked about everything on the calendar and I can’t wait to start cycling more after all this running bidness. I know that’s what I really, truly must focus on come January. And for once, I’m actually excited about it!
Have a great Tuesday friends!