Happy Monday doods! I had a pretty swell weekend which leads me into an even better week ahead. I’ve got a vacation planned this week with Big Sis and I CANNOT wait. We’re heading to Asheville, NC. Thus far we have plans to get massages, tour the Biltmore Estate, and go whitewater rafting. If I hear Dueling Banjos though – I’m outta there faster than you can say “squeal like a pig.” We’re also going to eat some deliciously fatty foods. Please feel free to give me Asheville tips and spots I must see.

I got my run on Saturday and felt good during the run. I ran 7 miles because I didn’t want to just jump right back into a ten miler. No shin issues until later that night when it felt achy at dinner. I’ve been icing again and I even went out during the tax free school shopping holiday on Sunday to get new shoes. The tax free holiday in Florida is a nightmare of epic proportions and Dick’s Sporting Goods was utter chaos with kids and parents everywhere.

I’m wondering if the last pair I just bought aren’t the right fit for me. They are the brand and make that I usually wear but they are the “new” model. And we all know how that can go. Ugh. I feel fine today and will give it another test run tomorrow. If things still aren’t right it’s back to resting it.

On a positive note I did a 33 mile ride yesterday with Dolly and didn’t feel like I really wanted off of the bike until about mile 30. I think I’m getting stronger and I made it a point to stay hydrated and ate more than I normally would. I truly think it made a difference. I tested some of the new Gatorade Prime mini bars and while not the tastiest things out there they were small enough to fit in my jersey and they pack a lot in such a small bite.

I also bought a really cute cycling jersey this weekend at a local bike shop and am starting to feel more like me on the bike. (I can’t find a photo of it online though, lame.) My cycling clothes are starting to be cute and functional. It’s similar to when I first started running. I only bought basic stuff at first and then I began getting more into my outfits. Maybe it’s a confidence builder?

Speaking of fashion please head over to my friend Brooke’s blog. She new on the blog block and has some amazing fashion photos. She’s also a runner. Go give her some love HERE.

That’s all I got folks. I know, it’s been all over the place on this here blog but I’ve got nothing but random news today. Thans for reading and let me know how your weekends were. I’ll be blog stalking you all later.

Peace and bike grease.