It’s been a nice weekend here in As mentioned previously, the Redhead came for a visit on Friday. As most of you know the Redhead is one of my closest friends and I cannot thank her enough for her support. She brought me a little cheer up card and some amazing blinking lights for my bike tires. (Love you boo!)

We had our usual crazy Friday night. Actually, we ventured out for some early evening Publix shopping. Then we returned home and did our pre-Saturday run/bike rituals. (She does these stretches that are absolutely hysterical.)

Saturday morning we awoke to a rain storm that didn’t stop until about 3 PM. I thought about calling that one dude who built that that big, big boat a while back and asking for some instructions. Wonder if he has text messaging?

Anyway, I was going to ride my bike and the Redhead was going to hop in with the B.R.A. for her 20 miler. She didn’t want to run it in the rain and I can’t say I blamed her.

So we headed back to “Compton” and did some working out at the gym. (By the way, certain residents of Compton have started stealing the free weights from the gym. You stay classy, Compton.) After a quick (READ: amazing) nap we met the B.R.A. for the post-run breakfast. The B.R.A. gave the Redhead some good natured ribbing for not running in the rain.

On Friday while IMing with the Redhead I devised a contingency plan. More on that next week.

Should things not improve significantly with the ankle I’ll fill you all in, I am not ready to divulge just yet, because I am hoping not to need the plan. That being said, it’s a good plan.

The ankle feels better today and I am walking more like a normal person and less like a zombie. I have doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning because I need answers. I need definitive answers in order to really move forward and take back control of this situation.

While I have been trying to remain positive, the last two weeks have been a blur of muddling through un-fulfilling aqua jogging and Pilate’s. Runners, you know it’s just not the same. It’s like Velveeta vs. the big orange blocked marked simply CHEESE. (Bad analogy?)

Anyway I will certainly let you all know tomorrow what the doctor says. I am sure they are going to prescribe an Xray.

Until then, you can head over to the other blog to get a little chuckle from my recovery tips. I hope you all had a great weekend and that your training is kicking butt!