You know how the rest of the title goes…
I’m super duper stoked to be heading to Las Vegas tomorrow for a much needed racecation with the S.O. Co-workers are always astounded that we travel to race as part of our vacation, but it seems totally normal to us. It’s especially true for this race since we’re running the half and focused more on the fun stuff than the race itself. We’re going to hit up Cirque on Friday and I’m sure we’ll do some gambling and dining.
Lloyd is pretty excited to have Nana come stay with him for a visit. He loves staying up late with her. (My mom stays up much later than we do, which I find very funny.)
My runs this week have been race focused, even though I haven’t set a “huge” goal. I mostly want to run sub two hours as I’m not quite sure how that Elvis suit is going to feel for 13.1 miles and I’m not exactly in PR running shape. I have been feeling stronger though and seeing some faster miles here and there. I am still getting in my easy days so that I can give my body the recovery it needs and stave off injury where possible.
Since I’m headed to Vegas and I plan to run the Rock N Roll NOLA half marathon, I applied to be on the Rock N Blog team. I have enjoyed the Rock N Roll races I’ve done thus far and I’d love to meet some of you non-Florida peeps out on the run! Fingers crossed on that.
Speaking of ambassador stuff, I am also gunning for an ambassadorship at The Skimm. What’s The Skimm? Well, it’s a daily newsletter that “skims” the news for you and shoots you a funny and concise email that keeps you up to date. It’s perfect for people on the go who want the “Reader’s Digest” version of current events. It’s free and I love it. (I wouldn’t try to get you to sign up for anything that I didn’t actually REALLY like. Pinkie promise.) You can sign up for the newsletter at my link, HERE. #skimmlife
And that’s all she wrote. Catch ya on the flip flop.