I’ve been a bad blogger. I haven’t written a post since last week. The shame! The horror! The lack of free time to fill your computers with mindless talk of working out! Since I don’t have a real direction for this post and I have a lot of stuff to talk about, mindlessly, natch, I figured I’d just do a list. Yay lists!
1. Weekend workouts.
Holy ton of miles Batman! I hit some big mileage last weekend. First, I had probably THE worst long run on Saturday that I’ve had since I can remember. I mean, it was bad on a grandiose scale. From nausea to the P.C.’s (poopy cramps) to tired legs and a back ache, this run had it all. Thankfully, my buddy Lee helped me get through ten miles of it. My plan called for 16 but I called it quits at 15. I wonder if I can stop at mile 25 of the Ironman?
Did I mention how awesome Lee is?
Second, I hit a whopping 90 miles on my bike ride on Sunday. I know, I’m just as shocked as you are. I had awesome company for about 60 miles of it and the last 30 were just me and a lot of bugs. I have a really cool goofy way of keeping myself entertained while alone on the bike. I sing songs. Normally I can think of actual good songs, with like, lyrics and stuff. But for some reason (possibly the delirium of riding a bike for so GD long) I could only think of TV show theme songs. Yep. It was bad. I started with, “Flintstones! Meet the Flintstones!” and ended with “Come and play, everything’s A-OK!” You’re welcome.
I’m always getting some help from IronPete

Bug guts. Gross. 

2. VO2 Max Test
Having been a runner for a solid five years now, I finally had a VO2 Max test done. The S.O. had it done so I figured I might as well too. I’m sure most of you know about the VO2 max test. And I’m sure most of you have opinions on it. My personal take is that while it’s cool to know the numbers and see where you currently sit, the VO2 max is not the end all be all. As always, genetics play a role in the numbers and the fastest runner doesn’t always have the highest VO2. The good news is that the VO2 can be improved through training and is helpful when looking at training paces and plans. It’s also a good reminder, in my case, that my mind tends to give out before my body does. If you want to know more about the VO2 max stuff, I recommend THIS blog post.
My Darth Vader joke didn’t even crack a smile. Tough crowd.
My VO2 max was 50.1. My heart rate maxed out at 185. I’m happy with both numbers and I’m glad to see I have room for growth. I know that I need proper training and nutrition to go along with that potential and I’m a happy work in progress.

3. Tuesday Morning Running Group.
My newly created Tuesday morning running group continues to grow! I’ve been REALLY lucky to have new women and regulars show up three weeks in a row now. I’m thrilled with the turn out and enjoy this run so much. I look forward to it every week!
Can’t beat that sunrise.
4. Lloyd.
Because, cuteness.
Happy hump day peeps! Ever have a VO2 max test? What did you think?