Well hello friends! So long, no post. Here’s my excuse…

Last week I hit 32 miles. This isn’t huge mileage, but it’s more than I’ve done since before Grandma’s and it felt good. My heels were bugging me a tad but nothing a little home PT couldn’t help. And then, wouldn’t you know it?

WHAM! (No, not George Michael.) A summer cold. Again. What gives? I’m normally not a person who gets sick. Honest! And yet, here I am.

It doesn’t help that my office currently sounds like a hospital ward with sneezes and coughs coming from every cube. It’s gross and I was holding off but somehow the S.O. got sick last week and then because we are a couple of grody teenagers, wink, wink, I got it too.

I had decided last week (or the week before?) to race a 5K at the University of Tampa track this Saturday. It’s a small event without a lot of fuss, and I figured it would be fun to race and try to hold on to solid splits for once. You know, versus my standard positive split the shit out of a 5K race. Heh.


I’m still sick. I am feeling better but a headache that had been on and off since Tuesday had me worried. I went to the doctor this morning to be told it was a perfect storm of birth control hormones (TMI, sorry) and my nasty cold. So I’ll live. But, she did tell me that I shouldn’t run this weekend. Her explanation was how your body needs the extra energy to fight off a cold and blah blah blah. Doctors. What do they know? Kidding. Kidding.


I’m basically just going to play it by ear this weekend. I ran this morning before being told not to run and felt ok. My friend Eva and I ran a little over three miles and I felt fine, except for the dumb headache. Which, fortunately, is gone now. Hooray!

That’s it and that’s all. Oh! One more thing! Did you enter for the Riplaces giveaway!? I am seriously loving them. I just slip my foot in and go!