I initially started this race report as a regular style report with times and obstacles and my pre-race fuel and all that other crap but then I changed my mind. Since this was no normal race, no normal report is going to suffice. In addition the photos from this race are really where it’s at.

First, let me break it down into the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I know some of you do this for your shorter race reports and I think it fits really well with the Warrior Dash theme.

1. The Good. The whole damn race. It’s pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. Toasted. With peanut butter. Seriously though, from the swag (hello Fred Flintstone fuzzy horned hat!) to the course (tires and ropes and barbed wire oh my!) to the tons of people in costumes this race has it all. The obstacles were no where near as difficult as I had imagined. This Warrior Dash is a MUST DO.

2. The Bad. The bad has nothing to do with the race actually. It has more to do with the fact that Cute K and I were tra-la-la girl talking on the way there and missed our exit by oh, about 40 miles. Oops. Fortunately, we made it there and were able to start with a later wave.

3. The Ugly. This race is not for anyone who does not like getting dirty. There is no way around it. You do this race and you will become a member of the Mud People Tribe. My fingernails were so filthy when I looked at them I was reminded of the Crypt Keeper. It’s all in fun of course, but it certainly ain’t pretty.

I didn’t actually “race” the Warrior Dash since I knew I had to be able to get through 20 miles the next day and just finishing would be a PR. Thus, Cute K, Big Sis, and I just kind of jogged along and acted goofy and most importantly, laughed a ton.

The official race photos aren’t up yet, but I thought I’d share some good ones that Shorty Shorts and the A-Man took.

Me coming out of the final mud pit. Note the gentleman to my right has on a long pink dress. Well, it was pink when we started.

Big Sis, Cute K and me after the finish.

Me and some gorilla clowning around. Cute K obviously enjoyed this.
Me, Big Sis, and Cute K with our finisher’s medals, hats, and beer. Anyone else planning to Warrior Dash now?