Happy Tuesday friends! I’m just now getting around to a post because this weekend went by so fast and was so busy that I needed a full day to recover and get my life back in order.
As I mentioned last week, the Redhead came to Florida for her bachelorette party and when she arrived on Friday that’s when everything seemed to go in fast forward. Isn’t that always how it is when you’re having fun?
We hit up a fabulous sushi dinner on Friday night, which is funny because neither of us used to stray from our pre-long run lame-o pasta dinner. Look at us now! Eating sushi and staying up past nine! Heh.
On Saturday morning we got up early and met up with some of the old gang and Red got in 12 miles, while I happily completed 11. We were both pretty thrilled with how our runs went and I am feeling so much better about the run at Augusta. Granted, I have no idea how it’s going to go after being on the bike for so damn long, but at least I know I can cover the distance.
Following an amazing breakfast we packed it up and headed to Orlando to let the bachelorette party festivites begin. Red’s friends have all become my friends and the day and night were full of hilarity, shenanigans, and fun.
Rather then go into full detail (I’ll let Red do that), I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

Me & My boo
The fab four – reunited!

The whole gang!
Party Favors!

Pool party!

Random dudes who enjoyed our little chalk signs
The Bride to Be & her girls

Dance floor shenanigans

Surf’s up!
I hope you all had great weekends too! Make sure to come back to this here blog on Thursday as I’m hosting a fantastic give away that you won’t want to miss!