As previously noted, the Redhead came to town this weekend. I love when she visits, we always have a lot of fun.

She got into town on Friday evening and we discussed how lame we were before going to bed at 9 PM. Yup, a runner’s life is super exciting while in training mode. My roommate was on his way out for the evening as we were getting ready for bed.

We woke up at the usual butt crack of dawn or O’ dark thirty and headed to meet the BRA for our long run. I was slated to do 14 miles and the Redhead was aiming for 14 to 16 depending on how her knee felt. She got to meet a lot of the BRA members and I think she enjoyed running her first 3.5 miles with a group.

Unfortunately, our 10 mile loop has so many turns that Redhead decided to just do the shorter 4 mile loop repeatedly in case she had to stop. No sense getting stuck somewhere and having to walk back not really sure of where you are going. Fortunately she did 14.5 miles and didn’t have any issues. I am super excited for her because I know she was worried about her knee. I got my 14 in with no issues. I used a caffeinated Gu for the first time and had no tummy issues which is a real surprise considering how iffy my stomach can be.

During our post run breakfast the Redhead called a friend to wake her up. The Redhead likes to sing morning songs on voicemails. In the BRA’s usual quirky manner we all decided to help her out by singing a chorus of You Are My Sunshine into said friend’s voicemail. I am sure her friend enjoyed that one at 8 AM!

After breakfast the Redhead and I got ready for the BRA beach party. A couple within the group got transferred so it was a going away for them. On the way to the beach we stocked up on Redbull, subs, chips (for me), cookies (for Redhead), and Twix (for us both). Healthy huh? Okay, okay we also had some blueberries and raspberries.

Arriving at the beach, Coach Tom immediately descended upon the Redhead. I had warned her of Coach Tom’s love of a redhead. He jokingly told her he had heard all about her and stood in between us for a photo which had him grinning from ear to ear. What’s even funnier about this is that he has a girlfriend, one of my BRA FAVORITES, V, who just laughs at him. He’s harmless and really in love with her so it’s all in good fun.

We left the beach party and Redhead then headed back to O-town. I took a nap and went out with some friends. I could only stay out until midnight and then I was done. Lame, I know. But again, training = tired.

Sunday’s recovery 4 miler felt like it happened in the blink of an eye. I guess after running 14 miles, 4 miles is like a Sunday stroll! On another note, the bathrooms at the park on the Sunday runs are so hot. P-funk said they felt like the bowels of hell. She is right. I swear the devil was a bathroom attendant.

I’m up to 43.5 miles this week. MCM is just around the corner….