Howdy! It was a solid weekend in training and probably one of the biggest volumes weeks I’ve had in a very long time.
A small group of us rode on Saturday and then Meghan and I ran a very hot four miles after. Meghan is so strong on the bike that the last ten miles with just her were tough for me but I’m happy to report we took turns pulling and I did my best to keep it at 19-20 MPH. (You know someone is strong when you are excited for your chance to pull for a small break!) After 67 miles, my legs were REALLY happy to see the cars. And then, they were sad to see my running shoes. Haha. But we got it done!
Yesterday, my buddy Josh met me at the Dunedin Triathlon race to run 14 miles along the course. The S.O. and a bunch of friends were racing so it was great to cheer them on as we ran. Granted, my legs were very tired and it was very warm out so this was a slow one. I’m super happy Josh came to run with me because I needed the help and the company. We finished our run and told everyone we were in the “ultra division.” Hee hee…
Kelly Ann, Keara, and I
It was really fun hanging out with everyone post race and celebrating the S.O.’s first ever first place age group finish! He bested a lot of local bad asses and I’m really proud of him. He’s been putting in the work and seeing results.
Fast guys!
In addition, Tony Dungy was racing as part of a relay team. He was their cyclist. His wife raced and did really well too.
Tony Dungy is a local favorite. Such a nice guy.
My training for last week was over 13 hours of working out with a total of 133 miles! That’s huge for me! I’m tired today but I’m really looking forward to another strong week of training.
How was your weekend? Any races coming up?