I had a long, fun weekend that really made me excited for triathlon season, and that little race I’m registered for in Chattanooga…
On Saturday I got in my second 20 miler, and while it wasn’t as stellar as the one in DC, it wasn’t awful. I kept a solid pace and wasn’t really ready for it to be over until the last two miles. Those last two mile reminded me of how the end of the marathon could potentially feel. While not at all enjoyable, I know I am strong enough to get through them. I wound up running the first few miles with my friend Terence and the middle miles with a few other friends. Unfortunately, the last two, those tough ones, I did solo. Again pretty good race day simulation actually. I averaged 9:02 minute miles and I’m happy with that.
I got my nutrition right for this run as well. I had a dinner of angel hair pasta with red sauce and simple sautéed chicken. Then, for breakfast, I had half of a whole wheat bagel. During my run I took a Gu brand gel every 45 minutes. I had no tummy trouble finally! 
The only downside to this run was how tired and sore I felt afterward. I don’t remember feeling nearly this sore after my 20 miler in DC. It’s amazing what cold weather will do for you legs! 
After dinner with friends on Saturday, the S.O. and I both got up super early on Sunday to head to different triathlons. He headed to volunteer at TriRock while I headed about an hour and a half south to watch Meghan complete her first 70.3 at Rev3. 
Meghan ready to tackle her first 70.3!
I had the pleasure of hanging out with Tori, Genna, Meg, and Meghan’s husband Tim. We also got to cheer for a group of other friends, Steph, Bill, Jess, Heather, and Chris. And as a bonus I saw quite few others racing that I know from the local tri community. It was like one big party out there. 
I love signs.
(L to R): Me, Jess, Heather, and Steph. These girls rock!
Of course no real spectating can go down without costumes. And Tori and I had a plan. The Banana and Stay Puft were going to meet.
Me, Tori (the banana), Genna, and Meg

Me and Tori
Of course I had to bring out Stay Puft again. And let me tell you, while Stay Puft was awesome at keeping me warm in DC, I was sweating like a triathlete in that thing on Sunday. Ha! It was awesome though and I think the athletes enjoyed seeing us, even if they did think they were hallucinating. 
It goes without saying that everyone did so, so, so well. Meghan crushed it and got third in her age group. Go read her recap HERE.
I am officially itching for tri season. I just gotta get through this marathon and it’s on! Happy Tuesday! How were your weekend? Did you race?