Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had lovely weekends. Congrats to all of the ladies who kicked major butt at the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Pete. I am reading the recaps as time allows and I’m bummed I didn’t get to run with you all. HUGE congrats to Kat on her first half and going sub 2!!!!
On the plus side though, I’m officially confirmed and thusly able to be named The Godmother to this cutie pie right here. Insert jokes about making him an offer he can’t refuse, thanks for that one Ken, and Fredo being smart.
McBaby is practicing for his modeling career.
๏ปฟBacking up to Friday, since I’m a supportive and wonderful girlfriend who can be plied with kettle corn and gyros, I headed to Safety Harbor with the SO to help register people for his race. As we were talking to folks about the race a man commented to me, “So it’s just a run?” This struck me as funny because currently there are so many mud runs, color runs, zombie runs, and glow runs that the newer runners don’t seem to realize that the OG’s of races were just, well, running.
My friend Maddeline said it best on the DR fb page by asserting that whatever gets people to start running and being healthy cannot be bad. And that the themed runs tends to be somewhat pricier. And I 100% agree, even if I do prefer to “just run” versus doing the obstacle stuff. To each his or her own and all that. I definitely enjoyed myself at the Warrior Dash and I’ll probably do another run like that with friends but they aren’t typically on the top of my to do list.
On Saturday I hit up my ten mile training run. I’m starting to find my legs again and pushed the pace. Actually, I didn’t push the pace, I was hanging on to the back of some speedier friends and I needed it. I always revert back to the old adage, “If you want to run faster, you have to run faster.” I’m getting stronger every week and I’m reminding myself not to think about it too much. Baby steps.
After a quick shower and breakfast, I had the fun opportunity to be a part of the commercial shoot for The Best Damn Race. I’ll do a full post on that tomorrow because it was really quite cool. I’m famous.
Saturday evening called for date night that took us to a really awful off off off Broadway show that left me disappointed. Oh well. At least our pre-show meal was delicious.
After church goings on Sunday and taking a full rest day from training we went to see the movie Flight with Denzel. (Do I really even need to say his last name? As if there was any other Denzel.) The movie was good, made even better by our snuck in cupcakes. Yup. Carried those bad boys in right in my lunch bag/purse.
How were your weekends? Did you race? Did you see a movie? More importantly, did you eat cupcakes?