Happy happy Monday! I had an awesome weekend and rode my face off. I covered 70 miles in two days and while that isn’t a lot for some of you, it’s a big increase in back-to-back mileage for me. 
On Friday I had an MRI on this hamstring. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to hear back on the results. I hate waiting, but not much else I can do. That night I enjoyed a fun girl’s night in with my favorite runner girls. We lamented running injuries and ate pizza and had a blast. I love those girls. 
After a short night’s sleep I got up nice and early on Saturday to meet some friends for a 42 mile ride. I didn’t realize no other ladies would be showing up so I wound up riding with four dudes. Fortunately they took it easy on me the first 21 miles but on the turn around back, specifically the last 10 miles, we hauled. I was thrilled that I could hang and even took a turn pulling. It hurt like a mother and I didn’t pull for too long but at least I’m getting stronger. It meant a lot to me that they all gave me compliments on riding so strong. I don’t think they were just being nice either. Ha!

Smart boys wearing shades. I look like PopEye.
I wanted to go watch a “beer mile” race on Saturday night but I was so tired from riding and then shopping that afternoon, I could barely keep my eyes open. By 4 PM I wasn’t feeling too hot and decided to stay in. I wound up having a late dinner at my sister’s after a very long nap. 

Had to snuggle my nephew McBaby.
On Sunday, again nice and early, I headed to the hills of San Antonio, FL, for another ride. My legs weren’t too sore from Saturday but things would change once we got rolling. And of course, again, I was the only lady. Crap.
The good news is that the three dudes I rode with, as always, were super helpful and I continue to learn and grow on the bike. The hills in San Antonio are no joke and I was feeling the burn pretty good at mile 15 or so. They asked if I wanted to do the additional 7 miles and I politely declined. I was getting up the hills at about 8 MPH and I knew that 30 miles would be my limit for the day. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, I just know when I’m tired and trust me, my legs were talking to me. 
I followed up my ride on Sunday with a visit to see my granny and an evening movie. I went to see Moonrise Kingdom and I highly recommend it. It’s quirky and cute and despite some of the oddness, it’s really uplifting. 
On a final note, I’m headed to DC tomorrow to celebrate the 4th of July with none other than this girl right here. I’m so happy to see her and the pups. And Graham is home now and doing much, much better. Thanks to those who sent kind words and/or donations. You guys are the best! 
As soon as I get news on this MRI I’ll post to keep you all up to date on my never ending injury. At least I got to ride this weekend, but I’m ready to run. 

How were your weekends? Plans for the 4th?