This weekend was a total whirlwind. It went by so fast I can’t believe it’s Monday. Again.

Let’s see. There was running (16.5 miles), a visit from my good friend Sylvia, breakfast with the BRA, a drive to Orlando for the Magic game, Christmas feast with my family, and a movie.

Me, some guy named Dwight, and P-Funk. Too bad the Magic lost, but the new arena is beautiful. This was mine and P-Funk’s Christmas celebration and it was awesome. Even our Latin Freestyle car concert on the way back to Btown ruled.

I have titled this picture “This is why I run.” This is just some of the food from Sunday’s family Christmas. We had everything snackie. From Cuban sandwiches to brownies to rum balls to wings to the 4,000 Christmas cookies I baked – we had a feast! I’m so lucky to have food to eat when others don’t. I am truly blessed.

These are my adorable grandparents; Granny and Pop. How cute is my Granny? Seriously, if this is my future I’m not doing too bad.

And of course I had to show off my little girl cousins. I love how cute and fun these two are. In total I believe there were 7 little ones and they are all awesome! (We are related so …duh..awesome runs in the family.) Every year I end up being Santa and passing out the gifts in a wrapping papered-frenzy. Fortunately, these two have stepped up the plate and are taking on the tradition of playing Santa, with a little help of course. After all of the eating and family fun yesterday I headed to the movies with Kalani and V to see Black Swan. It was very interesting and not for anyone who is squeamish at “adult” scenes. Lol! The only downside was that the folks at the theater were in rare form….again. One woman was snoring by the time the opening credits started rolling, a woman to my right felt she was in her living room and could yell at the screen, and yet another weirdo seemed to be playing the triangle behind us. Who does these things at the theater!?!? Oh well. The general public never ceases to amaze me. Last week was kind of a fail in terms of running. I only hit 28 miles and I really need to focus more. I suppose this happens every year around the holidays but I have a marathon coming up. So this week I will enjoy the festivities and get my runs in. I started today with my 5 mile pace run. I hope you all great weekends! Done with your shopping yet?