As I mentioned on Friday, which now seems like ages ago, I attempted a run on Saturday morning. I know I said a short run but I felt that if I didn’t have pain, I would go six miles and no more.

Saturday morning I woke up as giddy as a school girl and as nervous as Lloyd when the vacuum comes out. (For the record, the vacuum is winning that war, 45,67954 to zip). Old Wonky was no where to be found as P-Funk and I trotted to the start line of our course. She was running 9 miles so I’d only get to go three with her before I had to turn back.

And wouldn’t you know it? No pain. Old Wonky must have gone into hibernation because he didn’t make a peep. I was happy at mile one, thrilled at mile two, and ecstatic at mile three. I kept telling P-Funk how happy I was to just be running. For a brief moment I thought of trying to run farther but my inner Coach EK told me not to over do it. I’m glad I didn’t because I was pretty tired by mile five.

Saturday night a bunch of folks from my running group, the BRA, headed to the Tampa Bay Rays game. It was super fun and I had a beer. Or two. Beer and baseball. What could be better?

Sunday I felt a little sore and the Old Wonkster kind of waved at me when I took a trip to the mall. I walked quite a bit and he seemed to be lurking in the shadows.

My trip to the mall was for new running shoes. You see, I don’t think the Asics 2150’s are for me. I liked them ok, but they weren’t the the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever run in. I know a lot of you love them, so I’m not knocking them. They just weren’t the shoe for me. You could say they weren’t my sole-mate. Hardy har har. As we all know, we runners have to do what works best for us.

Anyway I went to a specialty running store where running bud G works and I tried on all kinds of shoes. It was actually very fun because the store has a little track you can run around on to test shoes out. I would up getting New Balance 1226’s. They were definitely pricey, but I think I need to give up on trying to “bargain” shop my running shoes. I told my buddy G that I wanted shoes that felt like pillows but were also stabilizing. He told me he do me one better and get me shoes that were like sticking my feet in a tub of butter. And guess what? These shoes are like buttah.

I also figured since I was there I might as well get some better socks. I’ve been running in some non-descript Target socks and I think it’s time for me to step in the sock department. I picked up some Feetures! and they have a lifetime guarantee. I doubt I’d call them on it, but who knows. Perhaps I will see how long they stay in my sock rotation. Then again, the guarantee doesn’t hold for stink, only fit and feel. And just for shiggles (shits & giggles) I tried on the Vibrams. I ran around the track in those and they weren’t as awkward as I expected. They sort of feel like running barefoot. Which, is the whole point I guess. I didn’t get them today but perhaps I’ll try them out after this training cycle. So this brings us to now, Sunday evening. I ran a super nice and easy four miler on the treadmill. During the run, I felt fine. No Wonky to be found, but after I’m a little concerned about a different location on the same foot. It doesn’t hurt but it’s definitely giving me pause. That’s where the question mark in this here blog post title comes from. Could it be the new shoes? Could it be Old Wonky’s brother New Bother? I guess we shall see this week. Either way, I’m just happy I got to run twice this weekend. I’ll take what I can get. As per usual, I shall remain on high alert.Happy Sunday all. I hope your weekend runs were successful and your Mondays go by quickly.