Howdy friends! It’s Thanksgiving week! Who’s ready to eat turkey and pass out on the couch during a football game? I am!
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My weekend was fantastic, if not fairly exhausting. But in a good way. I ran my 22 mile long run on Saturday and was thrilled to have great company for the duration of my run. My friend Rich ran the whole 22 with me and the famous IronGoof (AKA Brad) ran 20 miles with us. I also had company from friends Constance and Karen, plus the Tampa Bay Blue Sharks running team.
As usual, I tried to start this run easy because I wanted to finish strong and feel good. I hit my standard running slump from miles 13 through about 17 but then found my wind again at 18. We picked up the pace a bit for the last five. Then, when we had about two miles left to go, Rich put down the hammer and I tried to stay on he and Brad’s heels.
Brad and I. (Rockin my Spandits!)
Fortunately, I had some left in the tank and ran negative splits. I wound up averaging 9:02 per mile and I’m really happy with it. I was pretty sore after as the S.O. and I headed to my sister’s for a delicious home cooked breakfast. (The S.O. ran 20 miles and as per usuall had a billion hours after to wait around for me. Haha.)
Late Saturday afternoon I had some ladies over for a little get together. We snacked, exchanged some favorite things, and laughed a lot. I haven’t hosted anything at my new place yet, so I was thrilled to have some friends over.
Sunday also called for an early wakeup since we were heading to the Women’s Half Marathon in St Pete to be part of the Best Damn Race cheer squad. I was super pumped to go cheer for so many of my friends and even more pumped that I got to make signs. I. Love. Signs.
I’m fairly certain the Best Damn Race cheer squad was the best one on course. I mean, what other cheer section had green guys, a wiener, and dudes in Speedos?


Kat is the best lost wiener ever!

I had SO much fun spectating with Kat and the rest of the crew, I almost lost my voice and was so pooped by 11 AM that I had no choice but to miss the group brunch Tori had set up. I went home immediately to nap and eat. I must have been over tired because I went to bed at 8 PM and slept right through my swim practice. I think my body needed it. Badly.
I’m ready to rock this week since I’m not thrilled with my mileage last week. I’ve got the Turkey Trot 5K and 10K on Thursday and I cannot wait! How was your weekend? See any lost hot dogs?