I have sort of started this weekend report post on Mondays because I always have stuff to share from the weekend. Here’s a quick run down via photo dump.
First up, is this photo of the attack terrier Lloyd. Lloyd and I travel a lot to Clearwater (it’s about 40 minutes from me) these days to see the S.O. Lloyd has never really been a fan of riding in the car but lately he’s all excited for the trip. I think he likes the extra space at the S.O.’s place AND he is all about riding on top of my over night bag. I guess he can see better from there. Who knows?
“Once around the block Geeves.”
On Saturday, after a lovely 8 mile run with Kiki and Kdog, I hosted a registration party for my upcoming 5K at our sponsor, Outspokin’s, newest location. I drooled over some of the fun cruiser bikes and thought about actually riding my Dolly again. Someday.  
This butt hasn’t seen a bike seat in months.
At some point during the weekend, Lloyd did what he does best. Wear my clothes. While he usually puts on my sports bras, this weekend he decided my underpants where much more his speed. This dog is nuts.
I know Victoria’s Secret.
 And finally, on Easter Sunday, I had a gigantic delicious meal prepared by my sister, mom, and stepmom. Since I’m a total turd for a family member and have spread myself too thin, again, I brought store bought rolls. Sorry I suck family!
We did not eat the Lysol wipes.
Even though I sucked at food prep, I did bring my favorite godson/nephew a new toy, directly from the Easter Bunny of course. It’s a turtle, which seems fitting for my current running state. Heh. Regardless, Baby R loved it and that’s really all that matters.

Tonight I shall run with my Lulu girls and have a plan to run three miles easy and one mile faster. I’m actually looking forward to it. Bring on the pain! Happy Monday. How was your weekend?