Whoa what a busy weekend I had! On Friday night a few friends and I had a little baking party. I made some cookies for the Gator game on Saturday.

Yeah, we all know how that game went. Not. Happy.

Although, I did have a great time watching the game with friends and pretty much ate myself into a food coma. Prior to the game on Saturday I did a 4 mile tempo run and worked from 10AM to 2PM. Again, super busy weekend.

On Sunday, I woke up bright and early for the Brandon Half and 5K. It was a very fun event to be a part of, even if I didn’t get assigned to a water station. Could that have been due to my utter fail at the Shamrock 5K last year? Possible. (In case you don’t remember, no one wanted my water! Heh heh.)

I got a pleasant surprise from John Steelbuns who showed up with delish Starbucks coffee for me.

Here is a shot of a few of the BRA members post race. I’ll give you line up of the cast of characters I usually mention in this blog.

From the left: Me, John Steelbuns, Speedy Jess, The Original Scott R., P-Funk, and Mini-V.
After the race I did a little napping, a little Target shopping, and then I headed to the second job to work VIP for The Derek Trucks Band show. I’d like to make a special note on this to my male readers. If you go to a bar and the women who work there are nice to you, more than likely it’s because they are paid to do so. Seriously. It’s like hitting on a stripper. I don’t know what was going on at this show in particular but the guys were out of control. It was an older hippy-ish crowd so maybe they were just really feeling the love. That or I just looked super hot. LOL!

Have a great Monday all. I have big running goals to meet for the week as I increase my mileage and work on that elusive marathon of my dreams.