Hola mi amigos! I hope you all had lovely weekends. Mine was pure bliss. As I mentioned before I had a fairly low key weekend planned and this made me very excited because it’s becoming a rare occurrence in my life. My roommate always says that he doesn’t know anyone else who is as non-stop as I am on the weekends. What can I say, I’m a weekend warrior.

Saturday AM I got my ten mile run on and felt pretty good. I miss my ten milers when I’m racing and such so I always look forward to them and the breakfast at Panera afterward with the group. We have started running at 6 AM now to avoid some of the heat, but it’s Florida, so there’s no way to really, truly avoid it.

On Saturday night I actually went out. Like out for drinks. And stayed out until 12 AM! I know, I know, total maniac. Heh. It’s the first time I’ve been out that late in a while and I had a great time. I found this hole in the wall bar and the bartender was like the Julia Child’s of drinks. He made me a cherry cheesecake highball and it was AMAZING. Did you know they actually make whipped cream flavored vodka now? To. Die. For.

Since I only had three drinks on Saturday, I managed to get up at 6:30 AM and head to the paved trail for a short 18 mile bike ride. I wound up running into a friend and he stayed with me for the first seven mile loop. It was a nice day and fortunately when an entire family of wild pigs ran across the trail, we were far enough back to enjoy watching them and not fall down, go boom.

After my ride I got to meet up with fellow blogger and local triathlete extraordinaire KC! It was like we have known each other for years. We spent two hours at Panera (I love me some Panera, can you tell?). We talked about everything under the sun and I can totally see us hanging out lots more. Yay for new bloggy buddies!!!

Aren’t we tan? Yeah, Florida gals rule.

Anyway. After breakfast and a little nap, I got in a 1,600 m swim and a 4 mile run. I was a total tri machine yesterday. The swim was great and the run was HOT. Five o’clock in Florida equals blazing temps. But I figure, since I signed up for yet another Olympic tri next month, I may as well get used to the heat.

Yup. I added yet another race to the schedule. What can I say? I am a total addict now.

Happy Monday peeps!