What a freakin’ awesome weekend I had! Let’s recap shall we?

Friday night I went out with my sister and had a fabulous dinner. We then headed over to the cute little island she and BIL live on where we had a few adult beverages. The BIL then met us out and we chatted and laughed and listened to a fun band. By the time we were ready to stumble home it was about 12:30 AM, which meant I wouldn’t get to my place until about 1 AM. Eek!

I wasn’t running on Saturday AM but I wasn’t sleeping in either. I was to be the number one athletic supporter for P-Funk, the Lazy Runner (remember him from Red’s stories?), and Shorty Shorts. The group was racing a 5K and I was cheering my face off. I had a slight hangover from one too many Abita’s but it was all good. They all did great and guess what? BLOGGY MEET-UP! HOORAY!

That’s Jess from Cuban Running Crisis. She’s so nice and was volunteering at the race. Swing by her blog and say hello! And yes, I was totally rockin’ my Punk Rock Racing shirt. Woot!
Me and the rest of the crew had a little post 5K party at the playground where the race was held. It was the coolest playground ever!The Lazy Runner loved it!

After I left the 5K and took a much needed little nap, I headed over to AJ’s bike shop to get my new addition. Cay-See met me to help me with my purchase and to make sure I got the right stuff. Cay-See is a phenomenal cyclist and she has so much knowledge that I was super glad she came along to help me. I had a deer in headlights look every time they asked me about what I wanted. I didn’t even know what they were talking about half the time. Heh. I wound up getting this blue and white lovely…

After a long, expensive shopping trip I took my new addition home and started to think up a name. At first I thought since it was blue it should be a boy, but then I thought, I wear blue all the time and I am certainly a not a dude. I then asked for suggestions and got a slew of aweome ones:Tackleberry
FranciscoAll of the suggestions were awesome and some made me laugh out loud. But fellow blogger, Michael, at It’s All About Pace, came up with the name I eventually chose: Dolly. I don’t know if Michael knows how I feel about Dolly Parton, but the name was perfect. I love Dolly Parton! I think she’s one sharp, tough lady. She proves that you can come from nothing and be a real something! And I’m definitely coming from nothing when it comes to cycling. I’ve got to be as tough as she is. After all, I got those dang clips and if I fall down as least I can pretend I have giant knockers to break my fall. Hahaha! Yesterday I got my long run in with Big Dave and Cute K. We had 16 on deck since it was a step down week and I was definitely happy for the small break in numbers. The three of us headed to a local trail and I was in charge of getting us there. There was a total fail on my end as I got us there at 6:30 AM and the park trail didn’t open until 7 AM. Minor detail. We then just parked at a nearby gas station and ran a couple miles to wait. It was pretty funny. Well, now I know better for next time. Hope you all had great weekends! By the way, CONGRATS to all the Disney Marathon and Half Marathon finishers!!