Those of us who compete in running races and triathlons have a secret. We know something that a lot of people don’t. We know how to endure. Our sport even has that word in it – endurance.

Some people will say that we are crazy or addicts or that we didn’t get this fulfillment earlier in our lives. But I say, to hell with those people. Call us crazy, call us addicts. Sure, maybe we weren’t track stars or high school football heroes, but what does it matter now? Some of those former early achievers are now listless and reliving past glory days while we are out making new ones.

We aren’t all winning age group awards or even finishing in the top ten but we know what it takes to finish what we started. We endure. We thrive. We give it all we’ve got. We know that pain is temporary and reaching a dream is forever.

People are always afraid of what they don’t understand. How many times have we heard our friends say “I could never do that.” And how many times have we ourselves thought “I could never do that.” And then, against all odds, we do. We train. We toil. We hurt. We endure.

This post is for everyone who has set a goal and is on the way to meet it. This post is for those who never considered themselves athletes. This post is for those who received little support on the way to their goals. This post is for everyone who signed up for that very first race and thought “I can do this.”

Just remember, when it hurts – it’s temporary and only a little pain stands in the way of your dreams. Endure and never give up.