In the famous word’s of Dr. Nick….

I hope you all had fantastic holidays. We’ve got one more to go before 2015 and then it’s no days off until … Memorial Day. Yipes. Sorry for the womp womp there…
Things have been going well in B.o.B. land in terms of running and I had another heart rate run where I again questioned if I was running too slowly. Fortunately, Coach Jon was super quick with the analysis and based on this long HR run versus my last long HR run, I was able to run over 10% faster using 10% less energy. That’s a huge win for me. I didn’t have to take a single walk break to bring the heart rate down.
My heels have been bugging me again and I definitely need to be vigilant on my PT exercises and was advised to get more shoes and rotate them. I have never, ever done that. Can you believe that? I’m heading out sometime this week to get more shoes. This is probably the most fun advice ever. Buy more shoes? I can so do that.
I will have my end of month post up on New Year’s Day and I’ll certainly have my year in review post up after that. But until then, I leave you with this:
Have a very happy New Year! Catch ya in 2015!