Hi bloggy friends! I’ve crawled my way out of slothful glutton week and have emerged fat and happy. I ate a ton of cupcakes. I watched tv on the couch after work while snuggling Lloyd. And I caught up on a lot of much missed family and friend time.
My favorite Godson and nephew.
After Augusta I got a lot of the standard, “What’s next?” and “When’s the full Iroman?” Hell, I asked myself after Augusta what I wanted to do next. I kept a lot of planning at bay so I could see how I felt afterward. For a hot second I thought about hanging up my tri gear and retiring. I could go out on a high note. Just like George Costanza.
 Let’s not be silly though. I’m certainly not done with tri’s but I’m also not even close to being the athlete I’d need to be to do a full IM. I think it’s in the cards but not until I’m ready and I’m just really, really content right now. You could say I’m happier than Eddie Money running a travel agency.
I have been itching to do a marathon again but until I can get this IT band issue fully under control I don’t want to rush into another marathon and have a so-so race. My top priority at this time is focusing on being strong and healthy for Ragnar Keys in January. This gives me a lot of time to focus on strengthening and I plan to implement weights into my workout routine. Blech. I hate weight training, SEE: T-Rex Arms. However, I know it needs to be done.
Of course, I’m going to keep swimming, biking, and running. I’m just not sure how much of the three I’m going to do. I am really loving this new found free time. I want to go back to Crossboot. I’ve got my first Master’s swim meet this month. Holy crap, I forgot how to start off of diving blocks. I want to do more yoga. And I definitely think shiny new 5K and 10K PR’s are in need.
I plan on going back to track. I’ve missed speed work. I want to try some classes at the gym. The opportunities while not on a strict race training schedule are endless. I imagine at some point I’ll discover a full marathon I want to do or perhaps a half. But for the time being I’m just going to enjoy working out the way that I want to.
I’m currently more content than I’ve been in a while and I’m just basking in the post race after glow of awesome. I know, this is obnoxious, so don’t worry, your snarky B.o.B. will return in no time I’m sure.
But for now…
That’s right bitches. Rainbows and unicorns. Oh and Lisa Frank. Don’t act like you didn’t have Lisa Frank folders back in the day.