Hello, my name is B.o.B. and I’m an endorphin-aholic.

As I am currently residing in the land of R.I.C.E., where the temps are always chilly and the elevation is high, I’ve had lots of time to ponder my love of running. What exactly is it about running that I love so? I clearly miss it and just don’t get the same joy out of other fat burning pursuits.

I’ve been hitting up the gym early in the morning and that really helps me through my days of not running. But, as we runners know, it’s just not the same. What is it exactly that I miss?

Heat? No. Blisters? No. Sweaty body parts? No.

I’m pretty sure that my running addiction stems from stress relief and endorphin rush. I feel like a whole different person after I run and I think it’s noticeable. Let’s look at my history shall we?

I swam in high school. I ate crap all day long (Taco Bell for lunch AND dinner? Don’t mind if I do.) and as long as I was swimming I kept weight off. Then, of course, I got to college and became a beer-guzzling, late-night-pizza-eating, freshman 15 (or 25) pound gaining sloth. I also suffered from a mild case of depression. Here I was 23 years old and depressed. Over what exactly? That I could not tell you, but I think it had a lot to do with being heavier than I’d ever been and not getting those endorphins I had gotten used to in high school.

Enter the South Beach Diet and working out.

I started the South Beach Diet and working out like a fiend. I’d go to the gym everyday after work and run a couple times per week. Then I decided I needed to run a marathon and voila! Happy B.o.B. reemerged.

Yes, I was happier because of the weight loss and buying a few sizes smaller, but I truly believe I was happier because of those endorphins and the “think time” I received while running. Sure, I can get those benefits in other ways, but for some reason running is the best at it.

The reason I run is for stress relief and endorphins. I admit it, I’m an endorphin junkie. It makes me happy and I’m looking forward to being fully healed and hitting the roads again. Soon enough, I’ll be back out there complaining of the heat during the run and putting band aids on my sad looking feet, but after it all, I’ll be smiling.

What’s your reason for running?