As a person who truly uses running as therapy, it’s a big pain in the ass when running is extra tough. Last week was probably one of the worst weeks I’ve had running-wise in quite some time. I kept waking up congested and snotty but I didn’t feel like I had a cold. Maybe I did, but I was just channeling my inner O.J.
Deny, deny, deny…
I missed more runs that I should have…maybe. And I snuck into a very ill-fated and down right bad 5K on Saturday. HOW BAD WAS IT? Well, it was so bad that I considered walking at one point and had my worst 5K time on record in YEARS. There’ll be no race report because I’ve decided to consider it speedwork and not be a whiny jerk in this here blog. I know why it went wrong and as the sentiment goes, as an athlete it’s best to have a short memory.
And a big cheeseburger.
Sunday’s run wasn’t much better. Granted, I got to run a lot slower and with my buddy Heather (who was probably bored out of her mind at that pace!) but my legs felt like tree trunks. I’m fairly certain I was mistaken for Groot as I stopped to use the potty. I did manage to run for the allotted hour and a half but again, it was slow going.  
Basically, running handed me lemons last week. And even though they were all sour and lemony, it was still good to be running. What I mean is that even though I felt pretty pooptastic through these runs I still felt better after. And I still wanted to run again. What other activity can you really have a tough time at and think, “Man, I can’t wait to do those TPS reports again!” Or “Gosh, I had an awful time at that loud, freaky party with that guy wearing the leggings. Can’t wait to go get weirded out again!” Ok so that last one was from a personal experience. Long story.
Running is such a fickle mistress that way. One day she’s all “Oh here you go. You be fast!” and then she’s all “Nah. You be slow. And buy me something big daddy.” But at the end of the day, I still love running. Even a bad run is better than no run. Just talk to any runner who’s had a running injury. It’s the pits.
So when running hands you lemons, go for another run. But leave the lemons at home.