Ever have a weekend that you need a weekend for? You know, like a needing a vacation after a vacation? This past weekend was just like that. I’m not complaining though, because it was super fun! Plus, the holidays are almost here and I’ll get a few days to recharge completely.
Friday night, right after work, I headed to the Tribal Multi-sport holiday party. This group of folks are becoming friends and I love meeting more team members. This holiday party consisted of a group gift for the coaches, lots of yummy (and healthy!) food, a trivia game for a grand prize, and of course, a white elephant gift exchange.
Coach Jon created the trivia game and it was the hardest trivia I’ve ever played. I thought I’d do much better considering that I am typically a wealth of useless knowledge, but apparently not when it comes to triathlon. One question was so hard, I simply answered: purple. Needless to say, I did not win.
And then….the white elephant. Always so much fun!
Chairs and noise making robot boots!

I took away this sandbag, er, bag. I’m sure it’ll be used at a later white elephant. Shhh!
I got home a bit on the early side for a holiday party, but I had a lot to do on Saturday. I was sad to leave by 9 PM, but I knew I’d suffer during my run the next morning if I didn’t get in bed early.
I woke up at 5:30 AM and dropped Lloyd off at the dog sitter. Then I headed out for a nine mile run. I typically run in shorts and long sleeves during the Florida “winter” but it was especially cold on Saturday morning and I was freezing for the first mile or so. I did end up having a great run and I immediately headed home to shower and hit the road for Best Damn Race Cape Coral.
Tori (whose husband is the Race Director) and I hit the road at 10 AM and got to work after a quick lunch. She recommended we work on the “soft fence” and I was more than happy. I typically volunteer at the registration tent, but I thought it would be fun to do some course work. She and I hung the “soft fence” and put up the American flags and Best Damn Race flags in the finish line chute.

Showing off our work and zip ties.
After a super long Saturday doing various set up jobs, we headed back to our hotel to get some sleep. It wasn’t much sleep, but nothing a little hotel coffee couldn’t fix.
Tori got started as the world’s best parking guard and I headed to the finish line to set up the medals and waters. My hands were numb by the time the sun came up, it was cold!
The runners were off before I knew it and flying in to grab their bling. As a Best Damn Race Ambassador, I love volunteering at these events because I get to see so many friends cross the finish line. (You can still register for one of the next three events using my code UNICORN for $5 off.) 
Me, Krissy, and Caitlyn
One of the best parts about the Cape Coral BDR was that it hosted a full marathon. I’ve never volunteered at a finish line for that long of an event and it was really fantastic seeing the full marathoners come in. The range of emotions was something to see. From people crying, to laughing, to cheering and being in awe of what they’d just accomplished, it was very cool.
Tori and I hit the road to head home at about 3:30 PM and we were both exhausted. I picked up my car at her house, then grabbed Lloyd from the sitter, and went home to eat and get in bed ASAP. I think I fell asleep in less than a minute. Ha.
I’m in shock that I got up early this morning to run before work. I felt a little groggy the first half hour but then the strides helped wake me up. I hope you all had great weekends too, and happy Monday.